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Brent Woodall: Bio

Brent Woodall - Song writer, Lead Vocals, percussion, bats clean-up

Brent Woodall Bio

In 1963 Brent Woodall began performing with a band in Junior high school (Middle school to those of you in Rio Linda) called Sir Brent and The Mystics.. Catchy huh? It's been a great adventure ever since. In fact, there are 7 pages covering Brent's career in the book "Baltimore Sounds" by Joe Vaccarino and published by MJAM Press. That evolved into CHERRY SMASH which he started with Ken Johnson, Dave Reed, Bob Flurie (Country Joe and The Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service.)

During the 70’s and 80’s when Brent wasn’t touring the country he made his home base Washington D.C. where he performed at the legendary “BAYOU” nightclub in Georgetown with the legendary CHERRY SMASH! which featured Tim Tanner, Ron Fetner, (occasionally Mike Tramonte,) who are still working with Brent). Bob Read (who has been with Bruce Hornsby for 15 years) Barry Holober (Fabulous Hubcaps) and other great musicians rounded out the band.

 When they weren't headlining they had the privilege of working with such groups as Hall and Oates, Aerosmith, Talking Heads, Dire Straits, BB King, Muddy Waters, Allman Brothers, Foreigner and The Beach Boys. It was a great spot for a young artist to hone his craft. Brent has a long history in the country music industry dating back to 1970 when Charlie Daniels produced for him at RCA studio B In Nashville, Tennessee. In that session, Brent also cut one of Charlie’s songs, “Great Big Bunches of Love” where Charlie not only produced but also was gracious enough to sit in on guitar.

In the mid 1990’s Brent was a co-founder of Rivers Edge with Ken Johnson, Ray Jones and Mike Unger, an acoustic alternative country band out of Winchester, Virginia - heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Their first self-produced CD “Cabin Fever” featured eleven original songs and because of national airplay, caught the ear of two-time Grammy Award- winning producer Larry Butler. Larry produced their next project “On the Edge." Original music combined with that of Dean Dillon and Larry Butler gave the CD a unique, compelling sound that would later become the hallmark of Brent’s singular style. The air play from the project helped the group go from garage band to Farm Aid 2000, The Rocky Gap Festival, and The Belle Chere Festival in five short years! During this time Brent met Jackie Miller Combs, mother of Mark Miller lead singer from Sawyer Brown. Mrs. Combs took a liking to Brent’s vocals and gave a copy of his CD to her son. Brent and the rest of the band continued touring, working with the likesof Sawyer Brown,Toby Keith, Lonestar,Trace Adkins, Gary Allen,PhilVassar, Jessica Andrews, Neal McCoy, and Joe Dee Messina and Blake Shelton, Trisha Yearwood, to name a bunch. Brent was now ready for a new project -- his first solo project.                                                        

Thinking ahead and using his usual dogged determination he arranged for Nashville producer and publisher Joe Bob Barnhill to take the helm. Choosing material from varied sources and writers the sessions evolved into a rhythm and blues country CD called “Out With The Old”, the title cut courtesy of Mark Miller. (Thanks Mamma Miller) From the same CD, in May of 2002, the haunting ballad “Who Cares” was released to CDX Number 292. Airplay on independent radio stations put the song into rotation and Brent was invited to perform at the IFCO Show at FANFAIR 2002 at the “Ryman”. In November 2001 after six months on the charts, “Who Careshit Number 1 on Indieworld Country Radio Charts. The next release from the CD, an original cut “Louisiana Give Back My Heart” hit Number 1 in May 2003 on Inside and Burning Country Charts. On May 1, 2006 Brent was awarded the prestigious ASCAP Writers Award and invited to showcase his song “Cabin Fever” at “The Kennedy Center” in Washington D.C. Fall 2007: Brent Woodall’s new realease “Bright Side Of The Road” written by Van Morrison was released to national radio via CDX Volume 422 and stayed on the Indie charts for 26 weeks!. The song actually crossed over into Christian Radio.

*Brent co produced SHENANDOAH RISING; a television variety show, with Rick Ours and Shenandoah University Television featuring artists from the Shenandoah Conservatory of music and Grammy Award Winning Nashville songwriters.

As an invited member of ARTISTS WITH ONE VOICE Brent was honored to perform at the GENERAL ASSEMBLY at THE UNITED NATIONS for the International EBOLA AWARENESS CONFERENCE. artists from all over the world performed including many Grammy Award winners from West Africa. Brent co-wrote "Ebola We Can Overcome" with Johnny Wisdom, producer of the event and video. Go to "links" to see the event on YouTube.


 BRENT WOODALL / DISCOGRAPHY 1968 She Loves You Cherry Smash/ Fayette 1970 Great Big Bunches of Love/ Fayette

1996 “Cabin Fever” -- Rivers Edge – Ssastar 1999 “On The Edge” -- Rivers Edge Ssastar -- Larry Butler, Producer

2001 “Out With The Old” -- Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace / Barracuda -- Joe Bob Barnhill,

 Producer 2004 “True Vertigo” -- Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace -- Joe Bob Barnhill, Producer

2007 “On Top Of The Covers” – Brent Woodall – Joe Bob Barnhill, Producer 2007 "Bright Side Of The Road" – Brent Woodall - Joe Bob Barnhill, Producer

2009 Got 'Em Live Then & Now Anthology from 1978 (Cherry Smash) to 2009 Natchez Trace Band.

2014 Ebola, We Can Overcome ARTISTS WITH ONE VOICE

KEN JOHNSON - Executive vice president in charge of bass and vocals.

Fairfield, PA
Ken and Brent are like Mick and Keith!
Ken has played bass and sung backing vocal with Brent since they met in Junior High School! That's a long time.That's how long they have been together as friends and musical collaborators. Ken was a co-founder of Cherry Smash and Rivers Edge with Brent. Ken's harmonies with Brent are as close to sibling harmonies as can be and he is one smokin' bassist... no really he is STILL smoking!
These are the bands Brent and Ken worked in together:
The Coming Generation, The Mystics, Sir Brent & the Mystics, Cherry Smash, Rivers Edge and NATCHEZ TRACE. Keep rockin WKJ!

Bob Flurie - San Fran Guitar Man

My friendship with Bobby Flurie dates back to the late 1960's when Ken Johnson and I started  playing.

Bob was a young, exciting new talent on the Baltimore Music Scene.

I knew the moment I met him that he was not only a great player but one of the good guys in the business. That holds true today, some 40 years later. He is and accomplished guitarist and a man I am proud to call "friend." He has always been there when we needed him and moreover he delivers.

If ever you get to see us together or even if you get to catch Bobby solo in the Frederick area you will be amazed. He was tutored by the great Roy Buchanan and you can hear it in his classic style. I watch the audience watch him in amazement at some of Bob's techniques and style.

Thanks for being there Bobby!


TIM TANNER - Lead Guitar Extrordinaire, Musical Director and backing vocals

Middletown, MD
Tim and Brent were housemates in Washington, DC during the CHERRY SMASH / Bayou hey days! Following Cherry Smash Tim joined the national rockers FACE DANCER
That's a long time ago and Tanner just keeps getting better.
Tim is one of the finest guitarists on the planet! He makes a PRS or a Strat SING!
Don't believe it? Just come see Natchez Trace LIVE!
PS. Tim is a Hell of a chef!

MIKE (the mouse) TRAMONTE - CFO in charge of keyboards and press kits, among other things..

Arlington, VA
Mike, Tim, Ken and Brent have collectively been together as long as the Pyramids! (You all remember The Pyramids, big band in the 70's.)
Mike intercepts all data and internet traffic. (I guess it comes from living near the CIA in Northern VA for so long.) He helps coordinate and create the Natchez Trace web site and Press kits.
Mike's family owned the world famous BAYOU in Georgetown, DC for many years. He met Brent, Ken and Tim when he stole CHERRY SMASH from the CRAZY HORSE.
Mike plays just the right stuff on Keyboards and is invaluable to the Natchez Trace organization. He is a member of King Willy & the Shadows R & B band with Ron and Brent.

Ron Fetner - Acoustic & electric guitar,mandolin, backing & lead vocals

Seaford, VA
Ron works at his career performing songwriting in the Americana tradition. He has been a great friend for hunrdeds of years (since the Bayou days; Ron was a member of Cherry Smash with Brent, Tim, Ken and yes Mike was around as well.)
He's a pro and plays great acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and performs backing as well as lead vocals. We are excited about the prospect of co-writing with this talented artist! He is also founder of King willy and The Shadows.

- Brent Woodall & Natchez Trace

Formed in 2001 to support Brent’s solo release “Out With The Old” (which contained two #1 hits on the independent charts), the current line up brings a long musical heritage to Natchez Trace. As one promoter recently claimed, “They are the real thing. You won’t be disappointed”. Natchez Trace brings energy, emotion and musicianship to every stage they perform on. Maybe that’s why they have shared and opened stages for people like Trisha Yearwood, Brooks and Dunn, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Joe Diffy to name a few. If it’s Americana, if it’s Roots, if it’s Country, it’s Brent Woodall and Natchez Trace.


Brent would give credit to those players and supporters who make Natchez Trace happen. These people are some of the best of the best.
Someone said "Surround yourself with good people and let them do what they do." That is what these people are all about.
Also a great big shout out "SALUTE" to their spouses, and families for the sacrafice of their time so that this can happen!!!

Natchez Trace also thanks JASON HAKER for web site design and consultation.

Thanks To JIMMY PRESTON for his invaluable guidence in graphic design. Jim is a heck of a musicain in his own right!

Ms. Jackie Combes, Mark and Frank Miller from the SAWYER BROWN ORGINIZATION for the friendship, guidance and great songs they have provided.

Other support:
Jim Stutzman / Jim Stutzman Chevy Cadillac
June Jeffrey / Oak Crest Realty
Sid Rogers / Rolling Hills Farm
Thom Shepherd / Twang Thang Music
Dean Dillon / Sony ATV Publishing
Larry Butler / Larry Butler Music Group

Brice Weddle - THE GO TO GUY!

Brice has worked with us a bus driver, crew, road manager and all around GO TO GUY He NEVER LETS US DOWN
Thanks Brice!

Rick French - Executive chauffer, sound tech

Rick taught Brice everything he knows, at least that's what Rick told us! Rick thinks he's Mark Martin. (I think he'd paint #6 on the bus if he could.) Come to think of it if Viagra would sponsor the band....
but I digress.
Rick is another rock in our foundation.